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FED UP!!! 😭

I've just had my appointment cancelled that was supposed to be this Thursday.

This was the appointment where we were going to discuss and hopefully book my lap. Nothing is helping my pain and the earliest they can see me now is April.

I've hit a wall, I've tried so hard to be positive and ignore the pain but I just can't do it anymore 😭

Sorry for ranting but this is the only place where people actually understand.

Thanks for listening/reading xx

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I can understand the frustration as it took several years to diagnose my endometriosis and prior to that I had tried everything to ease the pain. Hopefully when you get to see them you will get some answers but please make sure you know exactly what you want to happen as I had said I didn't want the coil fitted but when they did my first laparoscopy they inserted it and that caused alot of discomfort. It does work for some women but don't let then do anything your not sure about . Have you tries cutting out wheat and gluten as that can help a little as reduces inflammation in your stomach. Its horrible being in constant pain


Ive only just signed up on here so new to all this and actually find other people who have endometriosis , its ok to rant , its ok to hate and to cry and do everything that's inside because of this . I was diagnosed with this in 2010 , well not straight away people just used to laugh in my face thinking I was making it up . But I know you're tired of all this , we all are and that's why its great that we have this place to talk to people who are going through the same thing .


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