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1 year in with Endometriosis

Hi everyone !!!

Just joined the community as i feel it is a good place to help discuss issues around endometriosis :) Ive been diagnosed now for just coming round a year but i believe ive been suffering with it since the age of 13 (now 22). Its great to see so many women/ girls coming together about this situation and i hope to learn some great things :)

Much Love ! Jess x

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Welcome - I think it's great that so many more women are being diagnosed earlier than I was (had it since 13, diagnosed at 21, now aged 42)

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Shame I was only diagnosed after a lot of persistent visits to the doctors. My mum was diagnosed after 26 years and last year had to have a full hysterectomy due to the lack of care she received after being put off as irritable bowl and various others illnesses. Almost resulting in reconstruction of her bowl. Her specialist genealogist was the only person in the whole process who took care to look into the issue. He then advised me to visit him to see if my symptoms were related.

One thing I have learned is to be very hard on GP's to try get testing further :)


Hi Jess, I think it's brilliant that you sound so positive about learning about Endo'. There's s good site on Facebook too called Endometropolis they have lots of medical info' which I think is insightful. Good luck & wish you & your Mum well Jess x

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Thank you 😊 X


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