2nd zoledax injection

I had my 2nd zoledax injection last Thursday and I am now 5 days late ish for my period. I'm wondering if it can completely stop it like that or does it gradually stop your periods? After my first injection I had a period as normal

Thanks xxx

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I have had zoladex on a couple of occasions and my periods stopped both times! Make sure you are taking HRT to combat the menopausal symptoms as they can be really tiresome! Good luck

Hi Zoladex puts you into menopause so your periods will probably stop altogether. I've just finished a six month course and apart from the first period which actually started an hour before first one I haven't had one since. Everybody is different though.

Thank you girls for your help xx

I bled after my first injection of Zoladex but have not bled at all since. I am now 5 months into a 6 month course of treatment.x

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