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Hi, I had my ultrasound today and the lady who was doing it at the end said my doctor will tell me the full details when i meet him, but the only thing she said was that my ovaries looked full with eggs and it looks like they are trying to come out (something like that) and they looked a bit big and swollen, she said its not a cyst, does anyone know what this might be?

I dont have irregular periods, I have very painful periods and I think most of the symptoms are similiar to endo.

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I had numerous scans cause I get very painful swollen Overy (just my right side). They said the same thing to me that my Overy was just full of eggs but have the implant I shouldn't ovulate.

Sometimes they can go down, and not bother you again, but if it's persistent push to see a gynaecologist.


Thanks for your reply

I am seeing a gyne and what does implant mean?


The implant is a small contraceptive device that goes under the skin and releases a hormone to prevent pregnancy.


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