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Lifes not the same

Hi ladies. Im 27 and when I was 23 I got diagnosed with endometriosis. Since then I haven't had a normal life. I can't go out with friends coz my stomache bloats like I'm pregnant and it's so painful. Wake up in the morning and my tummy is flat my time I go to bed its like I'm 4 months pregnant . Not only that but I feel absolutely exhausting all the time. I do work full time but I always have and never felt like this till last 2-3 years . I personally would rather have my womb taken put and be done with this horrible thing but they refuse to do this for me coz I have no children . I would rather not have any and like a healthy life then have this endo and maybe one day I might have kids. Is anyone else been in the same boat and managed to get either their womb out or at least the lining? I have 2 clients that I do their hair they say they got it done feel so much better but they both have kids . It doesn't bother me about having children just wish they would listen to me and let it be my choice x

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Hi a hysterectomy will not cure the endo only complete excision wil . One of the reasons they probably won't agree to a hysterectomy is because of your age not just because of no children. Having a hysterectomy so young can have a serious effect on your health. I would suggest a referral to BSGE centre for complete excision of the endo. This should bring relief.


I wouldn't say I'm in the same boat, but I am also 27 with no children (or partner for that matter). I am being treated at BSGE hospital and so far after my lap in January I do feel better. How long that will last I don't know.

My mum also has endo. And she had my brother and me before the age of 28. And then asked for a hysterectomy and even then they kept telling her she may want more children. But she kept on asking for one. And in her mid 30s she had one. And touch one she gets no pain, maybe a rare twinge that last a few seconds.

and my cousin had her hysterectomy late 30s. Because she didn't want children. She did feel depressed afterwards, I guess her body was in shock.

Like the poster above I would say you should go to an endo accredited hospital. And voice your concerns to them. And they may be better able to treat you and advise you.


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