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Job Loss


Hey guys,

Hope you are all having a good day!

I have had a capability review at work this week, to be given 3 weeks to 'get better' otherwise I will be dismissed. How does anyone that has lost their job due to having endometriosis cope in the aftermath? How is getting back into work afterwards? I feel like applying for jobs going forward is going to be extremely difficult with a dismissal attached to my CV. Though with my current pain I have no idea when I could even physically return to work, for the first time in my life I am going to have to sign on, how to live on such a little income I just don't know!! Any tips/tricks to life after losing your job would be greatly appreciated!

A x

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Hi, that's awful! I'm sure you've explored it but can you get a supporting letter from GP??? My goodness, I wish it took 3 weeks to "get over" it! Are you in a union? Is there anything you can do to challenge their decision? X

Yes are you in a union ? Can you get it classed as a chronic long term condition surely you must be afforded some protection at work.

I work for the NHS and have been off sick and on warnings but luckily only have mild endo I am worried if it progresses as this could potentially cause problems xxx

Thanks for your responses, I have been off for 3 months now in total following a lap that has caused severe constant pain ever since, so it has been a little while, and I don't know yet due to the usual NHS waiting lists, when I will be better again! I'm not with a union sadly, but have been speaking to ACAS and Citizens Advise, sadly they can get rid of me on terms of capability, if they can reason that I am no longer capable of doing my job. It's really quite scary how easy it is to get rid of someone.

There is nothing I can do apart from return to work, which is something I physically not do at this time, I'm on oramorph daily at the moment for the pain and had my first zoladex injection last week - though I have only been offered this treatment as a stop gap whilst I await a second opinion referral to a specialist and because I pushed hard to trial it.

I am just so concerned about future roles and getting back into work. I am going to plummet into debt without my job, it is so frustrating that I just don't know if/when I will be able to again, I hate lazing around and not working, I am super stir crazy already, but this is going to be a big dent in my future employability I feel :(

A x

Goodness yeah I see your point. However, your health might (hopefully) improve and you can easily evidence everything you do differently when applying for new jobs (when you're able). In the meantime is there middle ground? Work from home? Go back for a day, show your meds, get your GP involved? It seems that your employer is being very closed minded.

Also, I'm sure you've considered it but I asked for advice recently on diet and alternative therapies, it may be worth considering that to help manage pain if you haven't already? That way it'd be more evidence for your employer that you're doing everything you can, within your current ability, to get back to work.

If money wasn't an option though it sounds like you'd be better away from there x

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