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Whats my next option?

Hello i am hoping for some advice so i know what i am asking the doctors for. Unfortunatly my docs are not up on this info so im afraid if i said them the question of "what are my next options?" They wouldnt cover all basis.

I will be 29 this year and after a lap and burning away some nasty endo we managed to conceive our 2nd child.

My baby is 6 weeks old and already i feel the endo returning, before it sets in for good i want to start discussing my options of what is next. I got told by gyny endo woman that after my pregnancy i have many optiins on how i go forward with my endo and to be honest i cant remember them. I know she mentioned about putting my body into a state of menopause. There was mention on a hystoectemy...

Any advice is welcome please!!

Thank you


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Hi, the gold standard off treatment is thorough excision, at a BSGE centre with a skilled endo specialist surgeon,

The temp menopause can only be used for 6 months and would give you an insight of how you would feel after a hysterectomy if you was to have your overies removed too,

If you are not under a BSGE centre then that would be your next step, get a go referral Asap, as the list can be long

Good luck and congratulation on the baby



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