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Post op

Hi ladies

So I had my op about a week and half ago now. I started a period yesturday, throughout the day the pain got worse and worse and worse. The bleeding is heavy and clotting. Today I am in excruciating pain, awaiting doctors to ring me back! Currently in the bath trying to relax 😔

I feel this period is worse than before surgery. During my op they found endo.

Could this period be affected from the surgery or has the surgery just not worked/helped? I'm so upset and low 😔 I wanted this surgery to help but I can't explain this pain 😔😔

Ellis xxx

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I'm really sorry to hear this. It happened for me too, I rang the emergency nhs line as I was so worried. They said it was just a period and it did settle down after a few days. Unfortunately my pain got worse too but I hear some real success stories on here, especially if you were seen through a specialist centre. If not, try to get referred to your local one for any follow ups. I wish I had now x


The first period after a lap is usually a bad one. I was fairly lucky in that I was told to take the pill until I have recovered up enough for the dreaded time of the month.

So I had my period 4 weeks post op, and even then I was in quite a lot of pain. And it was very clotted, some of the clots were hideously large.

I think baths and heat pads are the best thing.

It doesn't mean your op wasn't a success. Remember your body is still healing. And that can take 8 to 12 weeks and even then your body may think the endo is still there and send pain signals to your brain. Your body will take a while to settle down

Try not to feel disheartened. I know it is easier said than done!


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