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Sugar Intolerance??

I am going through trial and error with food atm as on top of finding out I can't have dairy (possibly lactose intolerant) I've noticed I have a problem with sugar.

Whenever I have something with sugar... cola, jam tart, fruit for example I get the worst gas after about 7-9 hrs. I can't stop farting and it smells so bad. I get rumblings in my tummy also.

It's a different reaction to if I have dairy which after an hour maybe less I end up on the Loo with the runs and the worst gut pains.

Does anyone else with Endo have a problem with sugar? Have you cut it out completely? My biggest worry is when I get my period and want to eat all the sugary foods and not stop. How do you cope?

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Hi, I'm not commenting because I've done this, I'm just about to take that leap myself!

I have problems with dairy and I'm pretty sure sugar causes me difficulties too. I'd love to hear the tips you get from other people. I've just posted something similar and saw another post about diet yesterday too so people are getting back and sharing stories....

From what I have read though some natural sugars are better for us so swapping out sugar for maple syrup (not much) or fruit/veg sugars like sweet potato, butternut squash (you can make cakes with them all and sugary fruits). With regards to sweeteners I've heard they're all bad but stevia is best out of them as its from a natural source (plant extract?). In the book I've read even things like honey aren't great so I'd suggest getting creative.

If you can bake Carolyn Levett's book about diet advice and recipes for endo sufferers give loads of recipes for cakes and homemade chocolate etc. Many use those other sources of sweetness I mention and her fake chocolate I'm sure has maple syrup in.

Just a thought but she also suggests wheat, eggs, soy products, caffeine and alcohol aren't good for endo...

Good luck x

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I eat no gluten, no dairy and minimise my fructose (one of the sugars that upsets your tummy) as well. It's made an enormous difference to managing my endo. With regards to classic pms carb cravings, I stick to dark chocolate (find a brand you love) and occasionally indulge in a packet of crisps. Tends to stave off the desire to eat an entire packet of fruit pastels! Good luck, for me it really helped!


I have endometriosis and fructose malasoprtion so follow the low FODMAP diet which eliminates all of the symptoms you mention above. The diet has changed my life and I feel a lot better xx


I've had lactose intolerance for years. I try to avoid sugar for diet reasons (I use Stevia when possible etc) but I do love an alpro yoghurt! (Yes I know about soy)

It's just occurred to me that if I have trouble with lactose I may have trouble with other sugars.


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