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Just been diagnosed with Endo


Hi All, I've just found out I have endometriosis and have been reading up on various websites, but one thing I can't seem to find out which I feel might be linked is very bad PMT. I just wanted to know if anyone else gets this and if they know if there is some link? I get symptoms resembling Hypoglycemia (feeling like I need to eat carbs - feeling shaky, nauseated, sweating, very tired and weak) and this can happen up to a week before I come on my period to a week after (so most of the month). Often the only thing that seems to work is to have a steak and a pint of Guinness! But I also get very emotional - teary, angry etc. Does anyone else get this? Does anyone know if there are diet recommendations for endo sufferers?

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I'm also having similar issues however I have completely lost my appetite and the thought of eating creates nausea. I also seem to struggle the week before, the week of and after!

Not sure about diet ideas but at least you know someone else is going through similar! :) xx

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Thanks becca97! x

Cutting out wheat and gluten really helps for me. I also try and stay away from lots of sugar and don't eat greasy food. I also don't really drink alcohol as that seems to cause pain the day after, quite bad pain as well. When I found out I had endo I was told to keep an eye on my diet so just googled diets for endometriosis and got a lot of answers. I also ordered a book online from Amazon about how to cope with endo. Hope this helps 😊

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Thanks Megvarn! That's helpful :)

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