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Hello, I am new to this group and am so relieved to read there are others out there who feel like I do. I had keyhole surgery May 2014 and had 18 months relief. Pain and symptoms returned October 2015 and I am in that terrible place again. So tired and struggling with life. I have an appointment to see the specialist 24 April but seems so far away. Any advice or support would be appreciated :(

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I had the same surgery in August 2015 and 2 months later my symptoms returned along with the endometrioma they had removed. I went to see a specialist and he suggested no surgery for me because he said it was too fast that I needed to wait at least 1 year. He gave me options either Lupron which I did not want, the depo but he said it wasn't that effective, surgery if i really wanted but they would most likely remove an ovary, or birth control pills. I have been on the pills since January and my pain has drop from a 10 before to a 2 or 3 now. I don't know for how long i will go like this but i am thinking of another surgery in the future.

Aww hun I feel your pain. Having endo is a long road. You need to staystrong and fight it. Basically don't let it win.

Be kind to yourself and get lots of sleep. Maybe try the endo diet? Its helped me manage my pain.

If you Google it. There's lots of advice.

April will be here in no time

Welcome to the group! Come here for advice at any time xxxx


I am fatigued a lot and waiting for a specialist appointment. Give them a ring and see if you can get an earlier appointment explain your situation. It is worth a try.

Fellow endo sufferers understand what it is like and it is great not having to explain about this horrible invisible disease.

Take care and remember you are not alone xxx

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