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I have been suffering w/terrible cramps where I am unable to move throwing up, sweating, and shaking, having a period for 4 months sometimes, constantly feeling like I have a knife stabbing my left abdominal region, tired ALL the time, very hungry, hurting to push, and light cramping almost every day. All of this has been happening since I was 11 and continues now and I am 16. I have had exploratory surgery, a colonoscopy, and a laparoscopy done. the doctors thought I had endometriosis because my colon was perfect and I had all the symptoms of endo. but all was found in my ovaries was fluid and they said my uterus was fine. but if my uterus and ovaries are "fine" and my colon is "fine", and my kidneys are "fine" then what is wrong?? My gyno wants to send me to a bladder doctor but I've had so many scans and ultrasounds done that there couldn't be anything possibly wrong. plus I have never had any problems w my bladder. It also hurts very bad if I walk for long periods of time or run. f anyone has had this same problem or has a clue to what is wrong, PLEASE help me. I cry almost every day of the pain and I want to find answers.

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You poor girl. You need to be seen by an endometriosis specialist not just gynaecologist. Sending hugs. Xxxx


You need to insist that your GP refers you to one of the specialists on this list. bsge.org.uk/ec-BSGE-accredi...

Many gynaecologists aren't very good at seeing endometriosis as sometimes it gets in places that aren't easily accessible.


Dear, poor thing Ari. This is so bad you have to feel all this. I'm so sorry for your facing such things in such a young age. My God, what is it about your docs? There couldn't be everything just ok and poor you suffering much because of everything is ok!!

You should find a good specialist as quick as possible. Let the new doc know how terribly you feel every day. Tell him everything about you've experienced and that it hasn't brought you any relief. Poor girl.. I have nothing to say but really blame your gyn. I understand women like me, of a ripe age, suffering from endo, have numerous surgeries and treatments. But not you, not at 16!!

And this is not only the point of getting rid of pains. You'll want to become a mother yourself one day, and I'm afraid this fact may play a bad trick on you if nothing done beforehand.

Go straight to an endo specialist. Sending you strong hugs, be brave, dear xxx


thank you! I forgot to add that the pain gets unbearable when I run too or walk for a long period of time or walk fast. my gyno said people w endo don't have pain when running or exercising. do you know it that's true? I've switched doctors twice because they won't listen.


Do you cook or use aluminium cookware or non stick coated

Foil or george foreman type grill ,live in an area where water is treated with aluminium or flouride

Or are you coeliac or simply gluten intolerant

Do you crave sugar /sweet things and are feeding a candida infection


Hi,I started suffering from the age of 14,I was backwards and forwards to gp and gynae until finally 10 years later I was finally diagnosed with endo.I was fitted with a mirena coil which eased the symptoms for a while.Im 32 now and trying everything suggested to stay fertile.Insist on seeing consultant again!Its horrible I remember not feeling normal at that age.Take care xx


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