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Laparoscopy and fused ovaries

Hi everyone,

hoping I will get some advice here more than what I have from doctors. I had my second lap on Monday recovering at the mo in so much pain :( I have tramadol but this is like paracetamol to me and not really doing much!

Lap found the endo had spread around further, had the endo removed as well as some adhesions/ scar tissue from previous lap. My ovaries were also found to be fused to the pelvic wall and womb. I've also had the mirena coil fitted whilst I was out too- hoping this will control my periods better and ease day to day pain.

So I've come home with the information that my ovaries were fused to the pelvic wall and womb and that's it, no other info. What does this mean for me now and does it cause any further problems in future such as ovaries or other organs more likely to fuse together?

feeling very low and alone - even when friends / family have asked and explained the above the responses are like "well at least they've sorted it now" but it just makes me feel like saying "well have they"? is it sorted now or is this going to happen again - left me very worried

I have a follow up apt in 8 weeks - not fair they leave you that long when you have questions to ask!

thank you ladies for any advice/ experiences you have

Danni x

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Hi Danni - was this done in general gynaecology and did they free up your ovaries?

The ovaries sit in a depression in the pelvic wall called the ovarian fossa that is lined with peritoneum (the thin membrane that lines the abdominal cavity). The ovaries themselves can be affected with endo and so can the peritoneum. When you have inflammation from endo scar tissue forms (adhesions) and so it can be seen how easy it might be for the ovaries to become stuck to the adjacent pelvic wall. This can affect fertility as the ovaries might not be in the right position to deposit the egg in the tubes and it can also cause pain including ovulation pain as the adhesions pull.

I think it would be a good idea to get a copy of the surgical report from your GP (give it another week or two to come through) so we can see exactly what was found and done.

Where in the UK are you as treatment option vary. x


What do you mean "was this done in general gynaecology?"

I already have my surgical report and told exactly what has been done in my original post.

The ovaries were fused to the wall and yes They were detached.

Scar tissue / adhesions were found and cut away and further endometriosis was found and removed.


I was simply asking if it was done in the gynaecology department of a general hospital or in a BSGE endo centre to establish how thorough it was but assume you are happy with what was done.


It was in gynaecology department in hospital by endo specialist.

What's done is done not exactly thrilled lol but I just wanted some advice from someone who had been through it too

Thanks anyway


Most general gynaecologists call themselves endo specialists because endo comes under general gynaecology but the real specialist are in centres. You need to know if it was excised or ablated, whether they got it all or even recognised it all, what adhesion barriers if any were used to try and prevent things from sticking again. The surgical report would be useful but in any case click on my name and have a look at my post on how to find an endo specialist should you need further care in the future.


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