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Excruciating pain!

The last 3 days have been awful! To the point I can hardly walk around the house! Even with taking oramorph (which allows me up to an hours sleep if that). Really contemplating going to A&E, but being a student nurse and how bad the bed crisis is atm, I'd feel I was wasting people's time and resources! But something needs doing, had to phone in sick for placement today. Sick of this condition ruling my life! Xxx

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I feel your pain, and share it. There have been many times where I've been on my knees, bent over, crying in pain and shame and hoping that it was going to go away. I've avoided the A&E so far, mostly because I know I'd be waiting up there for hours in pain and I'd rather be in the comfort of my own home and be in pain. Hang in there sweetie.


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