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chest pain?


I've had all kinds of seemingly random symptoms that my doctor said could be traced back to my endometriosis, so I've been wondering if this one could be endo too. I am sometimes feeling light-headed, and short of breath, not extremely, just slightly. And recently (last few months, more often after I started the pill) I've been feeling a little dull pain in my chest sometimes, like behind my left breast. I've had low blood pressure since my teens and also iron deficiency which my doctor says could be a symptom of endo. I really hope this is the reason for the chest pain, because it's just very mild pain. I think it would be sharp and more severe if it was something to worry about. I am just 28 so I don't see any chance my gp would actually refer me to some test because of this, so I was hoping maybe this was just another endo thing?

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