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Diagnostic Lap

Hi everyone!

I was finally referred to a gynae after years of struggling with my periods. There was no apprehension from the consultant (two opinions) when telling me I should have a diagnostic lap. But I've been through the mill will my symptoms, with one doctor basically telling me it was subjective and it wasn't as bad as I was making out. So now I feel like it's all in my head and they're not going to find anything when I go in for my surgery (It should be in 2-3 months). I am also very nervous about this as I haven't been in hospital ever before.

The gynae also mentioned I had an abrasion of some kind on my cervix (can't quite remember what he said) but I was shocked to find out that the previous had found it, written it in my notes and yet failed to inform me.

Just looking for some support really! Especially given I am only 21 and the surgery will be around my exam time at univeristy.

Thanks x

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Hi, cervical erosion, is when your cells around the crevix bleeds more and easier, nothing to worry about really,

Don't be too nervous about the lap it self it's all over in a flash, and at least you will have some answers, you will need time to recover, maybe 1-2 weeks before your ready for uni, so depending on dates you will need to sort that out,

Until you have your answers there's not a lot more to say, please keep us posted and good luck



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