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Thick endometrial lining?

Hi everyone,

I am new to this page so hope I am posting correctly!

I have been having very heavy and long periods with extreme pain, not the usual period type pains. Also pain at ovulation, pain on intercourse and spotting between periods. This is since the birth of my second baby 21 months ago. I suspect endometriosis as my mum also suffered with this and fibroids and went on to have a hysterectomy.

I have been back and forth to the doctors several time and finally my gp referred me for an ultrasound which I had yesterday (abdominal and transvaginal). The sonographer noted the lining of my womb was very thick and said she would put a note on to the doctor as hopefully they could do something to help me.

My questions is, would this be an indication of endometriosis? And does anybody have similar experience and could tell me what might happen next? I googled which I wish I hadn't because now I'm worrying about uterine cancer :(

Sorry this was a bit long and rambling! Hope someone can help :)


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Hi Marie , endometriosis is found outside the uterus. It's more likely indicative of adenomyosis which is similar to endometriosis but inside the muscle wall of the uterus. If they suspected cancer they would be rushing you through the system., so please don't worry.


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