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Diagnosis from op

So I finally had my op on Friday. Diagnosis was endometriosis! Finally an answer.

I had laser treatment in the areas they could get to.

Feeling very sore and having a lot of shoulder pain. Struggling to get comfy but my other half has been a star!

Relieved to have answers but little upset that there is something wrong with me 😔

Hoping to feel some normality soon..

Ellis xx

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Hi Ellis, good luck with your recovery


A heat pad for the shoulder pain is great! I know it feels sad to know you have something wrong with you but knowledge is power. There is so much info out there that it will help you take control and learn to manage your symptoms. Hope you feel better soon!


Hi - when you say you had laser treatment in the areas they could get to do you know what these areas were and whether it was laser ablation or excision and was this in general gynaecology?

See how things go but if you still experience symptoms you will need referring to a specialist centre to deal with what they couldn't get to.


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