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Hi I'm feeling a lot better today. Today's the first day my partner cuddled me and got close to me in a long time. That's made me feel happier, some times all you need is a cuddle. I no I just need to fight for my health and my husband. I was giving up too easily. I no he hasn't been there for me but I no it's because he is scared. He is worth fighting for 100%. I am also going to go Drs on Friday and tell them how I have been feeling as my hubby thinks I need hormone meds or something to calm me down because I am very emotional. Fingers crossed this lasts. I am in pain today but it's not that bad this morning. Thank you all xxxxx

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Hi Hun glad your feeling stronger today. We don't always realise how it affects those we love. It's hard on them too. My best advise is to make sure you talk to each other about how you feel, not always easy I know. Let me know how you get on , on Friday. Wishing you all the best.

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