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Information or Feedback on treatment in Birmingham

Hi Ladies,

If anyone could PM me with information regarding their experience of referral to or treatment at the BGSE centre in Birmingham it would be greatly appreciated. Also I have read a lot about another specialist in the area but he does not seem to be on the BGSE list. I am considering going private for an initial consultation with NHS referral for any treatment, any info regarding wait times would be helpful.

Thank you in advance for any info you can providexx

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Hi there, l have been with the Birmingham Women's Hospital for treatment first relating to an ovarian cyst and now in relation to my endometriosis. The consultant l have been with is Justin Clark. You can see him at the BMI Edgbaston Hospital. In my experience he has been pretty proactive and l would rate my care as good. I had a lap (diagnostic and removal of a blocked fallopian tube) in September which went really well. As l had pretty serious adhesions around my right ovary and my CA 125 is elevated (which is scary but can be caused by Endo) l am going back in for a further operation (probably full hysterectomy's and removal of both ovaries) in the next couple of months. My experience has been pretty positive and you can fast track the process by having your initial appointment privately. Take care Kathy

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Thank you for the information I'm glad you have had a positive experience. Sorry to hear you need another operation, I hope it goes well for youxx


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