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Waiting time for op

Hi all I have been waiting for my op for 35 weeks already and now been told I will b waiting at least 50 weeks till I get my op has anybody else had this happen to them.I have been to my GP twice and got him to write to the hospital but got no were with that I'm at the end of my tether now and really struggling to cope 😕😕 on top of this I have a nagging fear that they won't find any thing wrong as been told it could all b in my head and I'm exaggerating my symptoms I'm at a total loss 😢😢😢😢

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I had to wait around 35 weeks.

Perhaps you could call your consultant's secretary and ask to be put on the list as someone who will accept a cancellation. If that is something you are able to do work and family-wise. The hospitals do get cancellations from patients, and some of the ladies on here have managed to get operated on earlier than expected because they were willing to take a cancellation.


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