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Endo and leg pain

Hello I was wondering if anyone has experienced the same sort of thing. I have always had pain on my right side pelvic area I have endo stage 2 and noodles which was removed about 5 months ago recently my pains in my leg when due on or around ovulating time has come back it's almost like a nerve pain making my legs feel really weak. If anyone has any tips on how to ease it I would be so grateful thankyou 😊 since being on loestrion 20 back to back I found the actual pelvic pain has eased but the leg pain hasn't and it can sometimes last for weeks 😱

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Hi - you say you had nodules and these are usually in the rectovaginal area anywhere from the pouch of douglas (a hollow between the back of the uterus and the bowel) and the rectovaginal septum - the space that runs all the way down between the vagina and the rectum and effectively terminated at the perineum. There are nerves in the pouch of douglas on the uterosacral ligaments and this is often an area for the nodules to be and it is referred pain from these that causes pain in the legs. This sort of endo must only be dealt with in a specialist centre where the surgeons have done advanced training. It seems as though you have had just the one lap so was this in general gynaecology? If so I think it likely that it has not been addressed sufficiently and I would suggest you get a referral to a specialist centre. Have a look at my post on RV endo and on how to find a specialist centre.


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