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Help!!!!!!!!! Am going crazy

Hi everyone I do not know where to start. But I am desperately going mental and I need help. I was wondering if anyone knows an endo charitable organisation who can assit me. My story is I have had endo all my life but wasn't diagnosed on time because of the lack of awareness back in Nigeria. I came to this country 10 years ago and I collapsed one day was taken to A & E only to find out that I had severe endo adhesions and ovary so stacked together. I had a surgery and I was ok. But as you know this incurable disease started coming back and I had 4 surgeries in all. My consultant advised me at my last surgery that having a baby will reduce it. I decided to give it a go I had 2 miscarriages. After that I decided to go for IVF as my AMH was low. I had IVF last year. My application came back from the homeoffice and I was told to leave the country. How can I go to a country where no one knows about this deadly disease and health system is poor. Am miserable spent my savings on this disease. I just need an advise of anyone who knows a charity person who can assist me with letters to make an appeal. Am still suffering as it is come to think of going to a country where I can get treatment. This is driving me mad and insane. May the Lord help us all. Thank you.

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So sorry for your situation awful! Have you tried contacting endometriosis uk for some advice or the citizens advice they may be able to help.I wish you all the very best.


I can understand your distress, however, I get the impression that, like here, the endometriosis situation is changing. I found some links on Google that sound promising for charity, awareness and a specific endometriosis centre in Lagos:



endometriosiscentre-ng.com/... - the lead doctor was trained in the UK


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