Does a hysterectomy work?

I'm 22 and have severe endometriosis. I have recently just had surgery where they found grade 4 adhesions mu bowel in the wrong place and tubes blocked and damaged. Due to this I have been told I will struggle even more to get pregnant which is devastating. I have tried everything! I do want children but right now I'm thinking a hysterectomy is my only option left- I have been told I will probably regret it but I can always adopt! I jjst want my life back but I just want to know if a hysterectomy definitely works?


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  • Hi a hysterectomy will not cure endo. All endo needs to be excised by a specialist.

  • Hi - no, unfortunately a hysterectomy is unlikely to work as you will have to take HRT at your age that can just keep feeding the endo and it can also produce its own oestrogen. A hysterectomy may prevent new endo from forming but the recommendation is that hysterectomy should only be performed if all other treatments have failed which would mean if you still continue having problems after thorough excision of all your endo. The most highly skilled advanced surgeons can tackle the most complex disease. Did they do anything at the lap? Were were talking when you put your previous post on. Did you seek a second opinion or was it the same centre again and did they do an MRI which is vital to see exactly what is going on? Where are you in the UK?

  • Also were you given HRT add back therapy (tablets) alongside the previous zoladex you had?

  • I have spoke to people that had Hysterectomys and they said its worked and their life is completely different. I'm from Lancashire. Yes I was given hrt

  • I am 32 and was diagnosed with moderate endo and the my dr said he did what he could do for me. I had a stroke so don't want to go on birth control. I too am pushing for a hyaterectomy there is no cure for endo. I know two women personally that hsve felt so much better after getting one done too. In fact my co worker had 8 laps done and only finally gained relief after hyst. I would definitely consult with your doctor your options also I don't ever want kids so it's an easy decision for me. My partner had a vasectomy so I only want it done to try to gain my quality of life back. This endo shit is terrible. I wish you the best of luck on your journey whatever that may entail for you personally.

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