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Successful stories of IVF with severe endometriosis

Hi ladies, I'm going to be referred for IVF hopefully very soon due I got severe endometriosis (one blocked tube and lots of adhesions). Any lovely ladies here who had successful stories of IVF with the same problem as me please? If you do, can you share with it with me. I'm so worried that IVF might not work for me. Feeling worried and down. 😞😔. Baby dust to you all lovely ladies.

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No experience, just wanted to say good luck



Hi there,

No experience of ivf; we were about to have baseline tests to begin the process when I fell preg. Replying as have seen two friends go through this and discovered later that they hadn't known simple things that could have helped.

Firstly have you seen an endo specialist surgeon at a bsge centre to have as much of your Endo excised as possible? This will, as you probably know, correct anatomical abnormality and make the uterine environment more receptive to embryo implantation as inflammatory mediators are reduced.


Most of advice below copied from another post. I had been booked for multidisciplinary surgery (stage 4 Endo/adeno). Had risk of hysterectomy and was told that even if the womb was left it may be not in good enough shape to carry to term so went into a bit of a panic when ttc. Researched everything, you prob have tried most of this, putting it up as my friend who'd been trying for 8 years and had two failed Ivfs hadn't tried half of it.

- Endo diet


- acupuncture

- both hubby and I cut out alcohol completely and took vitabiotics pre conception vitamins

- cut out caffeine, discovered peppermint tea fab for Endo

- cut out much of the medication I was taking, this was tough!! Even important to cut out paracetamol for preg.

- bbt tracking, used both my days app and paper tracker (advice and blank chart in link)


We found it difficult to have frequent sex, only 4-6 times per month due to pain at a push. So were strategic! £10 thermometer better investment than ovulation tests - so expensive and I found them to be largely inaccurate.

- on the more fun side, orgasms before and after are meant to help too. As does staying lying down for at least 20 min after.

- you probably have this already (my gp gave me it when ttc)


I hope this helps, I know from reading other posts that other ladies undergoing ivf have implemented some of those measures and found them useful. Remember success rate with ivf and Endo is pretty good :-) Wishing you lots of luck xxx

Ps infertility network is another good group on health unlocked - there are lots of girls on there who are undergoing Ivf due to Endo so I'd recommend signing up to post any questions you have and get your head around the lingo - I know it can be like another language when you're just beginning to learn about the procedure. X


I had both tubes blocked and severe endo. My first ivf failed and they recommended getting my tubes tied or removed as the fluid in them can affect the implantation of the embryo. i decided to have TPE at the same time. I had a successful pregnancy at the third attempt of ivf. I would recommend getting advice on undergoing ivf with the blocked tube. As when they did my egg extraction and they saw my tubes the consultant said why were these not dealt with as it is unlikely to work. Best of luck, and it can work. Xxx


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