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Mirena coil fitted instead of Lap

Hey guys,

I have been waiting for what seems like forever (actually 4/5 years!) for a definite diagnosis on what is suspected Endometriosis. I have had various medications and tests and finally got referred to a specialist consultant. I currently have the implant and they've suggested I have the coil fitted at minor surgery after the Lap as they think it'll be slightly painful as I'm only 19 with no kids. I had my consultation last night and I am so disappointed. I must've been in with him for a maximum of 5 minutes, and straight away he decided I was too young to have Endometriosis and wouldn't carry out the Lap! He wants me to have the coil fitted and see how I get on. Don't get me wrong I'm glad I don't have to have surgery, but I just want answers and feel that this is just covering up the issue! Is it worth me getting a second opinion or just leave it be?

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Yes definitely get a second opinion. He doesn't know what he's talking about. You are not too young to have endometriosis. Don't give up please keep pushing until you get answers.

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That's crazy!!! Get a second opinion he is talking rubbish!!

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