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Feeling fed up and at the end of my tether

Hi guys think I just need a rant really . I'm a longterm sufferer ten years and counting in them ten years 5 laps 1 miscarriage after IVF one ectopic . Anyway since Xmas I have been having chest and shoulder tip pain. Ended up in a and e last week. Ruled out heart so all good but since then my endo pain has been severe. I'm shattered. I've took a pregnancy test as I'm a week late... negative. I keep going through what I call phantom pregnancies where I have all the symptoms but it's never a reality. Maybe I'm just too desperate.don't know what to do about pain as I lost my confidence at my hospital that I was under as they changed doctor and he kept fobbing me off so I ended up agreeing to being discharged. Ahhhh just struggling with life today sorry for the rant. Suppose what I want to know does anyone else get chest pains and these feelings of desperation x

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Hi there, I don't get chest pain, but just thought I'd say, your not Alone with your feelings, it's very hard when we have these Laps and still feel ill and in pain after, can I ask you, where your laporscopys done by a specialist at a BSGE centre, apparently this makes a huge difference due to the level of skill the surgeon has.

My worst thing atm in how I'm shattered,



Thank u for ure reply. I know I'm not alone just sometimes u just feel u are no matter how much support u get x


Is it one particular shoulder and where are you in the UK? What other symptoms do you have?


I have stage 4 endo have done for a long time. Since Xmas chest pains and shoulder tip pain like the pain u get when ure had gas. Probably more so in right shoulder . Then since being in a and e. My endo has been bad specially my right side which was why I took a pregnancy test as the pains are similar to my ectopic pregnancy. Live in Lincolnshire


When did you last have a lap? Stage 4 must only be dealt with in a BSGE specialist centre in accordance with the NHS contract for treatment of severe disease. Were you last treated in a centre? In the context of stage 4 right shoulder pain suggests diaphragm involvement.


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