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Suspected endo which has been going on 5 months and now still pain 3 weeks into pill.. Shall I give it a second cycle like dr said?


Back in September this all started just out blue when I came on period finally having not had one for a few months again (my periods have always been irregular). The pain has got so bad sometimes I can't move or I collapse to the floor.. I saw my doc literally that same day and we done tests, swabs and tested for bowel issues which all came back normal. Was put on lots of different meds until finally got put on something stronger which helps take edge off but doesn't actually fully get rid believe it or not. Dr suspected endo based on me having all symptoms, etc.. Was referred for scan before which ended up being delayed so slowed down process and they found a hemmorhagic cyst which was "nothing to worry about" and said they'd rescan in 6 weeks!! My dr and I weren't happy so referred me to gynaecologist immediately requesting laparoscopy which was meant to be 2 week wait and took a month. This gynaecologist I had was so unhelpful and chilled about it all. I've had trouble with pills in past and I told her and she didn't once think to ask which ones and nearly put me on one I'm allergic to. She said because I'm young (23) she didn't want to dive into op without trying pill and said they like to give it 6 months so to give it that time and to make appointment ready for 6 months time. I was thinking is this a joke? She even saw how much unbearable pain I was in crying when she checked my cervix!! So my dr done a compromise to give it a cycle or 2 and if not then laparoscopy. I've now got a new doctor who's even better it seems but still agreed the compromise with my last dr. I've been on pill for almost three weeks now and I'm feeling worse again like I was at first so rang dr last thurs and she said I think if you can try and give it another 4 weeks (second cycle) so six weeks in total at least then that would be good if you can. So 6 days later still the same in fact worse and I just don't know how much longer I can go on.. Dr said it could be total coincidence and not pill but it can sometimes take 6 weeks for body to readjust. She did say she'd check if I was put on waiting list for op and if not she would so that's good. Comments appreciated please!

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