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Gabapentin & MST

Hi ladies,

Just thought I'd write this post to say that my gp has put me on gabapentin and mst (30mg) in combination with my oramorph for breakthrough pain. (Let me just add - my tolerance is very high to pain relief)

And I must say touch wood the pain has been much more bearable! I tried mst and gabapentin on their own before but they weren't as effective, but they seem to work better together. My gp says my pain is to complex for him to manage and I should stress this to my pain nurse when I have my appointment next week. I think he got a cheek! Thats his job! And it gets worse.. He said to me would you say your pain is as bad as a cancer patient?! Because I don't think so!

I said don't underestimate my pain and the problems I go through on a daily basis! And i said I don't know if my pain is as bad as cancer because I don't have cancer !!! I was tamping!!!

Anyway I've had my rant lol

Love louise xxx

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😯 he said what?!? 😯

I've previously been asked to rate my pain on a scale of one to ten, ive never said ten as I figure childbirth must be at least ten, but it doesn't mean I've not had really bad pain - same as you.

I hate his attitude towards you, and this 'invisible' illness we're having to put up with - just because it's not cancer doesn't make the pain any less real.

Perhaps you should ask if he'd casually give up on you if you did have cancer?


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OMG is he for real ? If I could swear, this would be one of those occasions, that is unbelievable and absolutely unacceptable. You should make a complaint to the surgery manager. How dare he compare your pain to any other illness. Your rant is mild, let me tell you, I would be going banana's.

I'm glad you have got your pain under control, thank goodness for that.

I really don't know what the problem is with some of these thoughtless, rude, totally uncaring doctors. I keep on saying it but, I just can't think for the life of me, why or how they would or do, go into a caring profession.

I am very lucky I have got a really lovely lady doctor but believe me I've had mostly bad ones over the years. You should maybe change for a new one.

Sending you some Luv Louise xx


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Hi Louise,

Firstly I can't believe your dr said that.... I just wish people understood the level of pain... My GP once said she can't give me oramorph as that's something they give cancer patients but also said that she does not doubt the pain I'm in! However I must say my GP has been amazing really and is fighting my corner with hospital and work!

My actual reason for commenting is because I too have started Gabapentin alongside tramadol and mefanimic acid and I too feel the pain is becoming more bare able and I can actually function... I have just finished my period and I managed to stay in control of the pain don't get me wrong at times it was bad but on a whole I was in control! I am yet to be actually diagnosed with endo but have my lap in 3weeks

Hope you can move GPs as they can't say things like that and you deserve more!

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Thank you all for your lovely comments. I did think about complaining but I didn't know who to complain too as he is the head doctor. I was so shocked I didn't even know what to say! I just said how dare you compare me to a cancer patient! He said Yeah I know your in pain BUT (I hate this) WHY DO THEY THINK WE'RE NOT IN PAIN!!! WINDS ME UP!!!

Thanks again ladies

Lots of love


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