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Ovarian Cyst - GP says is painless

Hoping someone may be able to help me. I'm really worried about myself. I had an ultrasound of my kidneys back in October and was told at the time I had a Simple Ovarian Cyst of 5cm, my GP told me that I wouldn't have any effects from it or wouldn't even know it was there, millions of women have them and know nothing about it. Now 3 months on and 3 periods later, I am in agony. My periods have got more painful, bad backache and the fullness feeling I have had for months is now constant and I'm feeling sick/nausea all the time, not just when I'm bleeding. Off to see my GP but really don't know what more to say then what I have already said last month. They just don't seem to be taking me seriously. Could this be a Simple Cyst? or should I press for more tests, like a CA125. PLEASE advise anyone!!! Feeling really low about all this, it just tops all my other problems that seem to be haunting me at the moment. :(

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Say to your gp you can't cope with the pain/nausea, it's really affecting your life and causing you to feel really drained low. Ask for tabs for the pain and nausea.

Get a referral to gynae, maybe not Endo specialist as yet - there are different types of cysts that would cause this type of pain.

You can look up your local Endo centre before seeing your gp bsge.org.uk/ec-BSGE-accredi...

It lists the names of docs who specialise in Endo. Your gp might ask if there's a particular doc you'd like to see or just refer you through to general gynae as a starting point.

I wouldn't worry about the CA125 until you see a gynaecologist - if the gp is very concerned they will fast track you through.

Cysts of 5cm should definitely be watched but still aren't massive. Just because you have a cyst doesn't mean you have Endo either. In general cysts will make you feel rubbish when they grow large. Get your symptoms treated in the short term and your referral sorted.

Good luck x


Thank you. Good news GP is doing a blood test and also sending me for an upto date scan, just to see what if anything has changed. I am pleased with that outcome, also got some pain relief which hope will help better than paracetamol. xx


Hi when you go for your scan ask them how big the cyst is , they should tell you. If it's grown then you maybe fast tracked to have it removed.



Sounds like you know exactly what to say to Dr. This may or may not help but I find putting things in writing , preferably with a time frame helpful & then I take a copy to my appointments . If I can I ask them to include in my med notes.

I have a simple cyst & blood/ endo cyst around 5cm which they also say is small & unlikely to b cause of my pain - likely to be Endo?

Could ask re CA125 but it is unlikely the cysts they found are anything but simple cysts.


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