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Last year I was diagnosed with Endometriosis ive always had painful heavy periods but just thought that was life, it wasn't until this constant pain started last year when I thought something was wrong after being put in various tablets for "nerve damage" I finally got seen by a specialist who suspected Endo and was confirmed and removed with Laroposcopy. I was so happy I cried when they found/removed it I thought that was the end to it, i was certainly wrong. The pain now is so intense and im exhausted all the time it spreads all the way to my knees and there isn't a day goes by when I'm not in pain in the mean time im trying to look after my 2 children and continue working. I don't really know now what else I can do, im sorry to go on as I know where all in the same situation I was hoping for some advice as to what I could do next. Im currently in the process of trying cerazette but specialist doesn't want to see me for another 3 months thank you xx

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Where do you have pain Hun xx


It's all in my pelvis/groin and when ive been stood up all day at work can go down my legs. Xx


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