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Hello there, I'm a 21 year old who has had symptoms of endo for over a year. I am due to undergo a laproscopy next month and am wondering if anyone has any tips to deal with this? Physically and emotionally. The gynae says the only way to diagnose is by keyhole so I have pushed for this, but am really anxious what they will find and the severity.


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  • Hi - your symptoms may give an indication of what the severity of any endo might be be which could prepare you for what they might find and what the appropriate treatment would be. With endo it is very important to be informed so you can play an active role in your treatment. This will give you a sense of control. It is a very positive thing that you are having a lap after what is actually a short time of symptoms compared to the average and being proactive in pushing for this will now give you the opportunity to drive the treatment process for a good long term outcome. What are your symptoms that have lead to this, whether at period time or other times?

  • Thanks so much for your reply, I have porolonged bleeding, have just finished bleeding after 6 weeks non stop. Sharp pains around my diaphragm, pains in my kidney area, pains in my hips but also around the back, and I've just begun having pain when having Been to the toilet. Had a transvaginal ultrasound done in October which showed no cysts. My ongoing fatigue for the past year has been the worst symptom so far at the age I am.

    I have had very little info from my doc as to what to expect is next to come, I understand however that this is common!

  • Also, to your knowledge is having a lap to look after only a year of symptoms a good thing? I am always very pro active with my health but don't want to intervene too early if it risks making things worse

  • Yes it's a good thing to be having a lap, you are lucky, some ladies wait years for one, due to bring given the run around,

    With regards to the lap, do you know if they will remove any endo whilst in there, or is it just diagnostic?

    After the lap you will feel uncomfortable for a few days-weeks, but it's worth it to find out if you have endo earlier on, so that you can have it excised before it gets worse, they will put gas in your abdomen so they can see better, this sometimes causes pain after whilst it is trying to get out, drink peppermint tea and get peppermint tabs, make sure you organise before your op, house work dinners etc,

    Most ladies take 1-2 weeks off work but this is only outline, rest well but take small walks around home first then out,

    Good luck xxx

  • My gynae said it is a diagnostic lap however I will ask at my pre op whether they will get rid of any endo if they find any, however After reading the forum I am scared they will remove from my bowel or bladder if they find any.. I would be devastated if I had to end up with a catheter or colostomy after!!

  • Thank you very much for the tips!

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