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Would having chlamydia when I was 16 make any difference to endo ? Or have an impact

When I was 16 I got treated for chlamydia. Probably with in 12 months of contracting it. I am now getting endo symptoms and have done around 3 years from memory. Now 24. I get groin twinges & pain. Sharp shooting pains doen legs. Lower back ache & a urge to poop with loose stools. I've had an ultrasound done which didn't show anything :(((( helppppppp just kicking myself now

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Hi there, I don't think it would have had anything to do with endo, if that's what your symtoms are, generally endo dosnt show up on a ultrasound, the only way to diagnose endo is via a laperoscopy and the best place to be referred to is a specialist centre on the BSGE list, look it up and find one near you, then ask GP for a referral, good luck



Thanks. I've got another gp appt in Feb. My twinges are getting so bad in my legs & groin. I've woken up with achey hip/groin this morning and the left side just under hip hurts to touch when I press it. :( I feel I need to poop all time


Hey, Endo has nothing to do with chlamydia so no need to beat yourself up about it. You need a diagnostic laparoscopy for diagnosis x


Thank you for reassurance xxx

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