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Referral letter at last!!


Today I got a letter from my doctor regarding my referral - an e-referral.

I have the choice of 5 places to go but after very little investigation I have found that the main consultant for Dorset Endometriosis Centre (DEC) works at one of these locations!!

Rang the number to book an appointment (website said you would normally be seen in around 29 days!) and have a previsonal appointment for Feb 11th!!!


Was dreading another month+ of waiting and being in pain, so to be seen so quickly will be ace, just got everything crossed now that they don't change the date!

With out naming names of consultations , I have chosen to go to Nuffield Health (private but through the NHS) at Bournemouth hospital - does anyone have experience with them?

Really hope when my notes are looked at they give me the consultant from DEC, he REALLY knows his stuff!!

Should have a confirmation letter within a week!!

Can't believe I could get soooo excited over something that is causing so much pain, physically and mentally, but I really am excited!!! (Think I need to get out more!! 😂😂😂)


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Good luck Hun let us know how you get on.

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Oh I will!!

Wonderful news. Can I ask how long you have waited for a referrall please? Considering going private at mo as in so much pain x

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Hi Hopeful82,

I spoke to my doctor last Wednesday after months of visits and test and she said she would finally refer me.

The later came today and I jumped straight on it to book.

I did some research first to find out which consultants works where, knowing that Poole hospital has DEC, and I knew who was who and as soon as I saw the main consultants name that was it, mind made up on where to book.


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