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Worried 10 weeks after lap!

Hey ladies,

So I'm just after a bit of advice & reassurance really (well I hope anyway) I had my lap 13th November 10 wks ago, my periods since have been awful really heavy lots of clots etc, but the one thing that is really worrying me is after sex I get blood stained discharge it's happened twice.. But still enough to concern me the first time it happened was the day before my period was due so I didn't think to much of it & brushed it off as some spotting before my flow. But it happened this morning also on day 7 of my cycle currently.. Is this just the end of my period is it even Normal? Because everything about blood stained discharge on google scares me to death!! I've already contacted my gynae & he wants to see me on the 1st of Feb. 10 days time which isn't long but when your a worrier like me it feels like a lifetime. So just wondering if anyone has experienced the same thing or has any info on it really to stop me stressing so much till then! We are also ttc so me being stressed will be no good! I had the blood stained discharge a few times before I was diagnosed with endo & he said it was related to the endo surely it can't be back this soon?! Sorry for waffling on ladies & thanks for listening. X


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