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A bit freak out

Am almost 35 years old and I been having 2 periods a month for almost 6 months now.

On the 3rd of January I started my period it was pretty heavy and lasted 4 days.

On the second week it was good nothing showed so I thought ok Am back to normal.

Now the beginning 3rd week I saw brown to black blood it's a little over spoting but nothing more.

It has not stop yet and it's almost the end of 3rd week now.

What to do?

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It's me

Just wanted to point out I don't take birth control because I had 2 PE in the past because of blood clots in my lungs.


Hello! I had almost the same thing a few months back. I was bleeding every other week for 2 months. I did some hormone tests and the endocrinologist gave me a low dose of T4. For 4 months in a row i have a 27 days cycle (from the previous 21-36 days!!).. Maybe your thyroid is playing tricks on you as well?


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