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Under-active Thyroid

Hi, i was diagnosed with under-active thyroid when i was 14 (8 years ago), i took my tablets everyday till i was 17 then my mum passed away and everything got a bit out of control, i hardly take my tablets now as they just slip my mind, im feeling so down, starting to give up on life/Job just want to run and hide! but i can tell my doctor this because every time i go with a problem she always blames it on my thyroid and fobs me off! i no its my own fault for not taking my tablets everyday but im struggling i just want to breakdown most days! i just dont know what to say to the doctor because i dont want her to just say take your tablets i need help i need something as its ruining my home life!!

any suggestions


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If your feeling down tell them it's nothing to do with your thyroid an I have another suggestion if it helps put your tablets somewhere you go every day next to the sink or next to the kettle it may help you remember maybe even a sticky note on the fridge see if it lifts your mood taking your tablets and if it doesn't then you know there's more than just your tablet I hope this helps a little xxxx


Agree with lady who commented. If you take them you'll no then if you need help with other tabs.

I take mine at night and I don't forget if do this. What m g are you on?

Clearly you are suffering and need help but thyroid is known to give you low mood , so if you compromise with your doctor by taking them . She'll be more willing to help I guess.

Be careful just stopping tabs abruptly this also can have a negative affect on your body.

its like the gear stick to your brain and heart.

If you Google mind they are a charity that can talk to you. Might be helpful if your feeling low. Google it and give it a whirl.

also you can message me if your feeling low, don't give up hun. Hugs xxxxxxx


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