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Do I have endo

Hi I'm Aliyah I'm 25 suffering with extreme periods for the last 3 years I have extreme in pain in stomach legs hips back to a point I can't move I come on every two week and be on for a min of 9 days I loose huge clots an lose a lot of blood I have two children and lost two it has got worse with each pregnancy I'm on me mefanimic acid tranamic acid codiene paracetamol and amitriptylne I had a scan it was normal under gynae but can't cope have most of the symptoms for endo just need some advice and people's opinions thanks

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Hi Aliyah, if you're suffering and have all the symptoms definitely visit your GP. Don't just put up with pain, I think too many of us have done that to find out later that we have endo. Also don't be fobbed off by doctor, make sure you have some proper tests done. Good luck honey xx


I have been go for the last 3 years I am now under a private hospital who specialises in it my scan came back clear just had bloods and awaiting result another appointment on 29th to see if they will give me the operation xxxxx


Hi - you sound to have suspected endo. Please note there are very few specialists in endo and they are mostly in the accredited centres overseen by the British Society of Gynaecological Endoscopy. Many general gynaecologists call themselves specialists as endo is unfortunately not treated as a sub specialty as it should be, like gynaecological cancers. You can check if they are on the list here:



Thanks for this info very helpful iv been in loop after loop trying to get this sorted I hate how many times you have to go to a go to even get a referral xxxxx


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