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Taking pill without a break

I've been taking Cerelle for almost 2 years now without a break. After my last laparoscopy During which I had a lot of endo taken away the consultant said I could stop taking the pill if I wanted. I do want to do this but I'm worried about the effects of coming off the pill after such a long period of time. Has anyone ever taken the pill for this long and if so what happened when you came off it? Thanks for any advice.

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I was on it for about 4-5 years, I think I had a break every couple of years - I don't think you need to but it was helpful for me to have a bleed and make sure it was all ok.

I came off it 18 months ago to try for a baby, and I got my first period a week or so after I think. Unfortunately for me the pill was masking Endo so I started to get heavier and more painful periods as the months went on. Everyone is different obviously but I would assume you'd be fine to if your consultant says so.


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