Reoccurring endo

Hey there ladies has anyone had reoccurring endo in a short time I feel a little alone with this as I haven't seen any other posts about it. I had a lap in August and diagnosed with stage 4 endo the had re occurring pain always left side even though I had endo both sides. And I had another lap in January and the consultant removed a 'substantial' amount of endo but he said none of the old endo is back its all new endo. Obviously this is hugely concerning for me it worries me that they can't control it I'm on both cerezette and the implant obviously it's not working. I would love some advice or experience on this i would be so grateful.!! XXXX

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  • Hi - was your surgery done in a BSGE specialist centre and where did you have endo found?

  • Hi lindle thank you for getting back to me. It wasn't a specialist centre however it was a private consultant that has dealt with this a lot although I am starting to lose faith and I have an appointment with an nhs specialist hospital in a few weeks. Originally it was found over both ovarys loads over my bowels and then just everywhere else this time he said it wasn't as bad however there was a substantial amount that was new and dotted around but didn't look like the stuff he got rid of first time hadn't come back. Bit of a yoyo. He was surprised that it came back so fast though considering being on cerezette and implant and I am wheat gluten and dairy free it helps me massively with pain and symptoms but I think I have a sensitivity anyway. X

  • Hi - the RCOG guidelines require that this stage of endo must only be dealt with in a specialist centre so whether treating you on the NHS or privately this surgeon shouldn't have attempted to operate, especially not for a second time. In stage 4 endo there is often deep nodular endo that can't even be seen at a lap so it is almost certain he will have only touched the surface. Now that you are to be seen in a BSGE centre you should hopefully get better and more thorough care. This should start with an MRI. Where in the UK are you? Click on my name and have a look at my post on rectovaginal endo which will usually affect the left side.

  • Oh my really that's actually quite bad. I'm in Essex and I'll have a look now thank you x

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