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Help and Advice needed!


So Im new to this and have recently been told that its likely I have Endo. I have a 7cm cyst on my left ovary and it seems that both of my fallopian tubes show substantial swelling and its likely to be Endometriosis. I have now got to wait to be referred. Does anyone know roughly how long you have to wait for an appointment? Ideally I would like the lap booked in as soon as possible as the only reason this has been discovered is because I haven't yet conceived. I have had so many blood tests, an internal scan and a MRI already. Can anyone tell me how long after the op you are likely to conceive naturally? Feeling quite scared and emotional that the chance of conceiving will be taken away from me especially as I haven't really had any symptoms but looking back now it makes sense, I just put any pain down as normal. Makes me angry that I had previously missed something that could have been dealt with sometime ago.

Any comments or advice would be much appreciated


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I have only just been referred to gyne, and have been told the appointment could take anything up to 3 months!!

In the past when I has a lap I was referred and operated on within 3 weeks!!

All hospitals are different, with have different waiting times etc.

I know as soon as I get my appointment through I will be ringing up to get it changed, why should we have to wait soooooo long!!




I'm in the same boat, I had no real symptoms until I had a miscarriage and they did an internal scan. Now waiting for a laparoscopy beginning of February. I'm 27 so the fertility side of things have me worried too, none of the doctors have really explained much to me. They told me I had a 7cm cyst on my right side, told me I needed the surgery to confirm endometriosis, gave me a leaflet and a date of the surgery then sent me on my way!

If you go to the doctor and tell them how bad your pain is they will try to get you seen quicker, but this depends on how good your go surgery is which is a sad statement of truth and speaks wonders about our health system not taking certain conditions as seriously as others.

Hope you get your date for the surgery soon and don't be afraid to ask questions, I think I was too shocked over miscarriage and then this to properly ask anything.


My gynaecology appointment was 10th December, I had my pre-assessment yesterday and my lap is on the 2nd Feb. Hope this helps xxx


Thank you for your comments, I finally tracked down who I was being ref to and his PA told me they were now making first consultation appointments for June!! I am not prepared to wait that long and have now decided to go private and I have my consultation apt next week! In fact I could have seen the same doctor next week but as long as I pay of course - makes me so angry that we have to wait so long on the NHS just to get a half an hour appointment!

Good luck to both of you with your op's listofproblems and Kitsuni and hope your apt comes sooner than 3 months Feekate



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