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Help I need advice

Hi I have my follow up appointment on Monday, I have got to make a hard decision whether to have a hysterectomy or not. The doctors have said that they have removed the endometriosis last year and the problems I have got is due to my womb tilting, they suggested me to consider a hysterectomy but I'm only 35. Please I would appreciate anyone's views to help my decision.

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hi there sorry i'm not a woman but have they said whether it will be life threatening and or will it cause you any future problems if not then its up to you but if its life threatening then you have no choice hope this helps Alan


Hi there. So sorry to hear that you are having to face this difficult decision. Not easy.

I suppose things you can think about which may help towards a decision is:

a) is the endo causing me so much pain and symptoms that interfere with daily life, that if having the hysterectomy gives a chance to escape it or ease it is it worth having done for me? Some people say best thing they ever did, others see hardly any change at all. Or do I think I can carry on for longer and postpone it until older and then look again at possibly having it done?

b) Do I want children? Or if already have a child/children do I think I will want anymore?

c) Is this the only option or should I ask for a second opinion? Why are they saying it the only option?

d) how does my partner feel about it?

Most importantly, do not feel rushed into making this decision. Take as much time as it takes you. They cannot force you to decide in a number of days.

Sorry that no-one can make this decision for you, or make it any easier. Best of luck with whatever you decide on x


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