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In pain, could it be endometriosis??

I'm new to hear, wonder if somebody could help me. Hear goes, I've been on the pill since I had my daughter nearly 7 years ago. In oct 2015 I come off my pill, trying to conceive. After around 8 days of being of my pill. I had the worst pain in my lower left abdomen (right were my ovaries are) after putting up with the pain a few days I ended up in A&e was given ultra sound, internal scan etc and showed up nothing sent away and was told I'd be referred to a consultant gynaecologist. Had a phone call that evening from the gynaecologist at the hospital saying there maybe was something on my scan turns out it was a polip and she got me an app with the specialist. After that I ended up back in A&e 4 days later same excruciating pain. Same tests done again this time they mentioned IBS which I know I already have. I knew it wasn't that as I've lived with it for the last 4years. I decided to go back on the pill as it was too painful to have sex, so no point try to conceive. The pain settled down.had another scan and the polip had gone. My appointment came with the specialist. Which left me deflated told me in so many words to come off the pill try and have sex if I get pregnant then I most probably don't have endo and if I don't to come back in March and we're see what to do!! Which I explained last thing on my mind when I have this awful pain is wanting to have sex, didn't seem to phase him. He just said take painkillers. So now im off the pill again and low and behold the pain is here again. I don't know what to do. Could it be endo. Everything else is fine, ovaries, uterus etc.. Don't know what to do anymore. Sorry for the essay. Thank you

Katrina x

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hi, and welcome to the site

it sounds like you could have endometriosis, and unfortunately you have been sent to a un simpefetic poorly advised gyne, endo does not necessarily cause infertility, so even if you manage to have ex and full pregnant, the possibility of your symptoms coming back after your pregnancy is high, go back to you gp, and ak to be reffered to a bsge specialist centre, this are centres designed to deal with endo, and have specialist gyne docs, who know what they are talking about, tell your gp you cant come off the pill as its causing to much pain and you want a second opinion,

good luck


Thank you so much for replying, luckily I've not been in pain for years like some have. I just want to get it sorted out (like everyone else) weather it is endo or not. I just wonder how long the pill will keep the symptoms at bay for. I do have a gp appointment on Thursday. So I'm gunna explain everything to her and see what she says. Don't just want to be left because they know that if I take the pill the pains aren't so bad. Thank you again, really does mean a lot to talk to someone about it x


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