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Help with treatment for pain in hospital

I had been suffering for 5 days of harldy any sleep and being in constant pain and excrutiating on having my bowels open i called out of hours as it was a sunday. I was seen by him and admotted to try and get my pain under abot more control. When i was admitted to a surgical ward i gave them as much info as i could about my endometriosis and that it was a bad flare up and need help with pain. I was given pain relief overninlght then next day had xray and ultrasound which expectedly came back NAD. So they told me it wasnt endo as nothing on scans and was constipation. I tried telling them i know what constipation feels like and this isnt it and they looked at me as if i was making it all up and patronised me saying constipation can be painful. So i self discharged as they werent clearly going to help but because i am being treatedfor my endo in london my local hospital wnt have anything to do with me but what am i supose to do when the pain gets that bad i cnt manage it at home? Please any advice i would be grateful x

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I had the same thing a few weeks ago, although they did acknowledge that it was my endo, have me anti bs as I had blood in urine, but no infection, they gave me paracetamol lol, I'm on morphine at home, bloody idiots, finally gave me oral north and sent home,



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