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I finally had my follow up appointment today after having laproscopy in September! I had stage 1 endemetriosis so that's not too bad but I have something else that's on lining of my womb, so I now have to come off the pill, have injections in my tummy, 1 a month for 3 months to see if it helps with the pain cause it's worse after laproscopy so try that then maybe the hormone coil and if now of that works they said it may not be a gynaecology issue even though the pain is inside the vagina and severe pain during intercourse😟 Yeah I'm now trying something else but I just want it to go away now

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Hi - I looked at your previous posts and see that you were told that the gynaecologist who did your lap is one of the best. If this were so he would be in a specialist centre but assume you were seen in general gynaecology. I imagine the condition that is on your uterus lining is suspected adenomyosis - does that sound familiar? This is very hard to diagnose conclusively but would be likely to give pain with sex. You could also have rectovaginal endo in a hidden place behind your uteris that often can't even be seen at a lap. Do you have any bowel problems such as IBS type symptoms that are worse with your period? Any back, buttock, leg pain? Where in the UK are you as treatment options vary.


I was told he was the best in my area. And yeah it's adenomyosis so that's why they are now going to try the hormone injections and if it works I'll go onto a particular coil. If not they said it could be to do with my muscles 😕 I have only starting getting IBS symptoms since my laproscopy in September so the doctor gave me some tablets to try Friday of last week just to see if they help, so it is possible that I also have IBS. I don't have any extra problems with periods, or any of those other pains. I live in Portsmouth.


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