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Referral at last!

I spoke with my doctor this morning following my blood tests on Monday.

She was shocked they all came back clear - I wasn't!

But finally I am being referred to gyne..... What I don't get though, the doctors are still stating they can't refer me straight to the Dorset Endometriosis Center, I need to go to gyne first!!!

The DEC is at Poole hospital which is right across the road from my doctors.

Is there a chance gyne will get the letter and then send me straight to DEC or do you think I will have to go through the long process of seeing gyne for ages before going to DEC???


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Be aware, general gynae's like to think they know how to treat endo but they really don't, make sure you stand your ground, if they think it is endo they should refer you to a specialist.

I hope you get proper answers soon and proper treatment! xx


I know at my hospital they only take referrals when the endometriosis is severe - not sure what the case is with that centre. But stand your ground, do your research and if the Gyne doesn't know enough - don't have treatment from them. Good luck xx


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