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First gynae - help please?

Hi ladies.

So I have just finished my first gynae appointment. She did an examination and has taken some bloods.

Basically she said to me I definitely have polycystic ovaries (as confirmed in previous ultrasound) but she is dead certain that I have endometriosis as well - when I told her I get hip pain she said "oh that just confirms it!" She even checked with the head of department and he agreed.

HOWEVER, then she went on to say that I am young and she would like to treat my symptoms first before lap. She had given me the pill to take continuously and said if I'm still really struggling, she will do a lap.

Does this sound like a reasonable solution to people? I can't exactly tell my boss that I am diagnosed as it should be confirmed by lap (I think?). Has she fobbed me off to save money or is this a genuine first step?

Thank you :)

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Hi lovely, I genuine feel for you, I had my first gyni app before Christmas and she fobbed me off straight away with a scan first to check for cysts etc, I already had the coil which she said that was the first step, had this taken out after 18 months had way too many side effects it did not suit me what so ever, I can't have the pill etc, she wants me to monitor my heavy bleeding and pain for the next couple of months then they will give me injections into my ovaries l. Why don't they just do the lap 😬😬😬 so annoying. I've been having very bad hip and leg pains just lately too could this be associated with cysts on the ovaries ?? Hope you get done answers soon Hun xxxx


Hi - leg pain suggests possible deep endo that should be dealt with in a specialist centre. You are a partner in your care and all decisions should be mutual. You can opt to have a lap if you are in the UK. Have a look at the link in my reply to this post and click on my name to see how to get to a specialist centre. Easier if you are in England.

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Hi - this is the first recommended step according to NHS protocol but ultimately it is your choice. The protocol is here:


Be aware that hormonal treatment can mask endo so even if it does relieve your pain it would be advisable to have a lap to determine the extent and if you are in England you can opt to have it in a specialist centre. Endo can be missed in general gynaecology. Have a look at my post on how to find a specialist.

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Thank you, both of you.

It's horrible that everybody has to go through this when there's a straightforward way to diagnose. The problems for me have been going on since age 16, I'm 24 now. I've had countless GP trips, 2 smears, 2 ultrasounds and now finally a gynae appt with seemingly no success! I hope you get your answers soon too!

Thank you Lindle, this is what I was worried about. They have tried to make me mask the symptoms before and all I can imagine is that somewhere down the line, when I'm trying for a baby, I'm going to have to go through it all again!

So exhausting!


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If you are in England feel free to send me a private message if you want help writing a letter to set out your wishes with all the evidence that suports your rights. They can't ignore this as it becomes part of your medical record. x


Thank you so much! x


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