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Endometriosis After Hysterectomy

I'm really confused!

I had emergency hysterectomy in 2005, 5 weeks after giving birth to my daughter. In 2008 I began to have severe pain in my hysterectomy scar so went to GP who referred the to hospital, I had x-rays scans tests at hospital which showed nothing so was sent away after being told nothing was wrong. Over time the pain got worse my stomach started to swell as if i was pregnant. So I went back to my GP who began numerous tests all resulting in nothing, My scar felt as if it had a very hard lump in it on my left side which the GP could feel so I was once again sent back to the hospital, this time the specialist said he would open me up to see what this lump was.

On 7th August 2013 i went into hospital for operation to open my scar and see what the lump was. Which I was told later it was a lump of dried blood, I was discharged same day expecting to be fine in few days. Four days later I was rushed back to hospital with and open scar and feeling awful, was given antibiotics my wound dressed and sent home again, I could not get out of bed I had nurse in everyday changing my dressing, 3rd day of taking the antibiotics i woke up totally drained feeling sick and totally lifeless, when the nurse come she called GP who discovered the hospital gave me wrong antibiotics, I was bedridden until 24th September.

On 31st December 2013 I had my follow up at the hospital that was when I was told I had Endometriosis yet nothing was explained to me I was referred to a specialist and had to wait for appointment. Before I seen the specialist i had an MRI scan then finally seen the specialist in November 2014.

I was given Cerelle 75 mgs, ibuprofen 400 mgs, Co-drydamol 500 mgs that was that, could not have hrt as im a smoker aged 39 and no choice of operation as the endometriosis was spread in different parts. I have got worse with the pain, gained excessive weight that even people have asked me if i'm pregnant, gotten very depressed always tired I hardly ever leave my home and really do not know what else can be done.

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Hi. Is it possible you have endometriosis in your scar. I have this from c section and lap scar. I have a small nodule I can always feel and then every 4 weeks the area really swells and becomes very painful, cannot have any pressure on the area. Gradually it goes away for the next 2 weeks and then it all starts again. My gp is against surgery so for now I'm on progesterone only pill which although hasn't stopped it completely helps a lot. As for just being told you can't have an operation as it's spreading different parts I'm under the impression it is possible via excision. Was your specialist from a BSGE centre?



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