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Refused a lap..

Hey ladies!

Posting today as Im tucked up in bed feeling bloody awful and am in so much pain.

I was referred to a gynae around christmas after been discharged from the hospital for being in so much pain!

Anyway,I had a transvaginal scan and the scanner said it looked like endo and wasnt cysts (ive had cysts before). So on the scan, you could see a lot of excess tissue around my bowel and right ovary, and a little on my left ovary.

So having my apt. With my gynae, he said because I spontaneously conceived my little girl (who is almost one) he refused to give me a lap as im proven to be fertile. Instead Ive been put on a back to back pill for 4 months, and if that doesnt work will start hormone therapy for early (temporary) menopause.

Sounded ideal at the time..but being that I am in so much pain, have awful periods and pain during and after sex and irregular spotting between periods I dont know if I feel annoyed with this outcome.

Oh, I also wasnt allowed a smear as im 23, but thought they might want to rule that out..

Any advice would be greatly appreciated xx

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I would suggest you get a referral to a specialist at BSGE centre . Just because you were lucky enough to conceive doesn't mean you aren't suffering. If the endo is on your ovaries then if not treated could affect future fertility. The pill will only mask symptoms and the temp menopause injections can have lasting side effects. With a little one around it must be really hard but you need excision surgery to get the best possible quality of life . Good luck

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Thankyou for your reply!

How do I go about getting the referal? xx


Hi hunny, you defo need a second opinion, and really. Need to be seen at a specialist endo centre, it's called BSGE, there is a list online,

Tell your GP that you believe you are suffering with endo, and you need to be referred to a BSGE specialist, you should take a list of your symtoms with you to the GP and a list of BSGE centres and the contact from the nhs that states that excision surgery is the gold standard of treatment, tell her you do not want to cover your symtoms with hormones at least not until you know what is going on and how bad it is if it endo,

There is a lady on hear called Lindle, have a look at her posts,

Good luck


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If you click on Lindle 's name she has all the info you need to get referral. Good luck


Hi - it sounds as though this uninformed gynaecologist thinks that fertility is the only issue with endo. But treatment is based on pain too. I'm not sure what he would propose to do after the course of menopause injections (which should only be 6 months) in a young woman such as yourself. Putting the potential side effects on one side, even if they did relieve your pain it would only be temporary and you have a lifetime ahead of you. These medications are known to have little effect on bowel endo as a rule. The most worrying thing of all is that they shouldn't even be given to someone of your age anyway as your bone density won't have reached its maximum yet (until around 30) and these medications can affect it.

You already have suspected endo with bowel involvement and this represents a complex area that must be dealt with only in a specialist centre. There should be a report in your medical records confirming the findings at the scan. There is a protocol to be followed for suspected endo that you can see here:


It says:

'Consider referring all women with suspected endometriosis to a Gynaecologist to confirm the diagnosis by laparoscopy if:

The woman wishes for referral.

She has severe or longstanding symptoms.

She has concerns about future fertility, or is having problems trying to conceive.

There are abnormalities found on clinical examination or pelvic ultrasound scan.

You fulfil three of these and perhaps all four if you want more children in the future.

Click on my name and have a look at my post on how to find a specialist and the one on rectovaginal endo as this should be suspected. Look at all the links and have a good read - you then need to prepare for a GP consultation with your evidence that you need to be seen in a specialist centre with suspected bowel endo. If you are in England you need to copy off and take the NICE guidelines at the link above and the NHS contract that is in my post.

Where are you in the UK?


Take a look on the bsge website to find your nearest endo centre take it to your gp and say you would like to be referred to them...

They may say no but you need to tell them that it is your choice and that they can't refuse you if needed print off patient choices from the NHS website.. I'm sure you will have lost confidence in your current consultant as I did so you need to reasearch and choose somebody who will understand you and this disease. X

Good luck sharon


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