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Have a question i had a laparoscopy on 9th December removing endo from both ovaries and my womb. I have been on the pill since I was 16 my latest one ( cerelle ) iv been on for about a year. After my laparoscopy I was advised to continue to take my pill and was administered a further month with a follow up at my local GP. Anyway I would like to start trying for a baby soon and was wondering if anyone else has followed the same path and if so how long did it take you to fall pregnant after coming off the pill?

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Hi there, iv been on the mirena coil ( god send) and pill for 14 years and came off it in october. I fell pregnant straight away! I honestly thought itd take years as iv suffered with endo for 16 years. The laparascopy will have given you a good start, getting rid if all the nastiness. Id take the pill for a month to let everything recover and then start trying. Start folic acid now! Good luck.


Thank you so much for your reply :) finally put my mind at rest

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